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Bonnie Vegiard

Yes, I think I am. Where is the Effen key and do I need to use it every time I try to use a function key?

On Dec 11, 2020, at 3:29 PM, Joe DiNero <> wrote:

Are you having issues with your other function keys? If so you probably need to use the Fn key.


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Subject: Using fusion with laptop layout

Hi everyone,
I recently got a new laptop and have installed fusion 2021. The start up wizard did not ask me about laptop or desktop layout. Nothing is working the way I expect it to, including alt F4 does not close anything. Do I need to change the layout, and how do I do that? I have tried to find it in the help topics, but can’t find anything. I can’t even get a context menu to open up using the alt key. Help! Thank you.

Bonnie Vegiard

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