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I find it appalling that an accusation of "passivity" was made, by someone that apparently is incapable of understanding the issues involved, or chooses to ignore them for unstated (presumably self-serving) reasons.

My general sense is that there are a lot of parasites inhabiting the enterprise "compliance bureaucracy" that pay more lip service to accessibility for actual disabled people than anything else. (or IT "security" or "standards", etc. for that matter.)

Of course that is just one more in a long list of deep evils that one finds in the contemporary "big government/big business" workplace.

Thanks for the tip to the pro-democracy group.

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Let me say that I agree and sympathize with your concerns about
rapacious companies that put profit before people. However, I, and I
would suppose most people on this list, get a lot of email and we
subscribe to certain lists for specific purposes. I subscribed to this
one specifically to learn how to more proficiently use JAWS. Let me
suggest another list where these comments are on topic and would be
welcome. It is the Blind-Democracy list. Other subscribers are actually
activists in the blind accessibility and rights movement. You can
subscribe here:

On 3/18/2012 12:21 PM, Chris Smart wrote:
This may be off topic, but JAWS stands for job access with speech, and
this is a real concern for many of us actually trying to earn a living
yes, using a screen reader.

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