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Hi Glenn,

You might give Pazera Free Audio Extractor a try. It will definitely convert ogg files to mp3 and I believe it will also convert oga. You can check it out at this site:

Be careful with the download links on that page because like so many free software sites, the largest and earliest download link presented is to something other than the program featured on that page. Here are two good download links to pick from:

1. Windows 32-bit installer: <> &ft=w32i&dlt=fh&r&f=Pazera_Free_Audio_Extractor.exe

2. Windows 64-bit portable: <> &ft=w64p&dlt=fh&r&

The only other download link provided was to a Windows 32-bit portable version but I did not include that one.

Pazera is very accessible and its user interface is similar to other conversion programs. You add the files you wish to convert to its main window and select the format to convert to. There are various options and settings. They also have helpful instructional material about program use on their site.

I hope this helps.

Alan Lemly

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I thought that the demo of gold wave only brought up the help file when launched, but now it has a counter and it stops working after 200 actions, so I need another audio editor.

GW is 60 dollars to purchase, or 20 dollars per year.

That is more than I want to spend, more like 20 dollars for the unlimited time would be more like it for me.

So another recommendation would be good.


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If you have a lot of files use gold wave. It does batch conversions. The free demo is fully functional for 30 days. Well, at least it used to be.

I haven't used it for awhile.

On 12/8/2020 11:25 PM, Tim Ford wrote:

Hello All,
Does anyone know a JAWS friendly way to convert a music file from the
.oga format to .mp3?
Tim Ford

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