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On Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 04:33 AM, Dave Durber wrote:
There seems to be no logic as to how Microsoft's update utility and system works in deciding which systems should receive updates and when.
This is certainly the appearance, but you know it can't be true in practice.  The algorithm that determines cohorts of machines during rollout must be insanely complex, and it is almost certainly strongly influenced by information that's being provided by telemetry.

These days, I do not get "bent out of shape" so long as a machine is running a currently supported version of Windows 10 and is receiving the expected Windows Updates for that version.  I've stated in the past that I am familiar with more than one machine that "skipped a version" entirely, and I fully expect that most that are running Version 1909 at this moment will never see Version 2004, but will move directly to 20H2.  I'm watching the HP Envy I have to see if that's what actually happens.  That laptop also happens to be the only one in the household that as an Intel i7 processor, too.  All the rest are AMD APUs, the oldest having an A6 and the newest two A12s.

I trust that those who build and maintain operating systems know what they're doing, and with the very rarest of exceptions, that's been borne out during my career.

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