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JM Casey

Hm, yes, I think the counter has been around for a really long time -- at least since 2010, when I think it was that I purchased the thing. Wow, that was a long time ago, now.

Some people on these lists recommend MP3 Direct Cut. I've never really been convinced to use it as I like GW and if I go to another audio editor, it's probably going to be Reaper at this point. But you could try and see if it suits your needs. It definitely doesn't have a lot of features but depending on how much editing you want to do, it might be good enough.
Otherwise, try Audacity? It's very functional, multi-track, and free. Not necessarily the easiest thing to get your head around; the interface is weird and the processing a bit slow. My podcast cohost, who does most of the tech stuff, insists that it's badly programmed. However I remember having success with it several years back. There's also a fair amount of documentation, including the VIP software guide for screen-reader users.

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I thought that the demo of gold wave only brought up the help file when launched, but now it has a counter and it stops working after 200 actions, so I need another audio editor.
GW is 60 dollars to purchase, or 20 dollars per year.
That is more than I want to spend, more like 20 dollars for the unlimited time would be more like it for me.
So another recommendation would be good.
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If you have a lot of files use gold wave. It does batch conversions. The free demo is fully functional for 30 days. Well, at least it used to be.
I haven't used it for awhile.

On 12/8/2020 11:25 PM, Tim Ford wrote:
Hello All,

Does anyone know a JAWS friendly way to convert a music file from the
.oga format to .mp3?

Tim Ford

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