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The $90 is the subscription price in US currency, if and when Vispero offers a subscription based model here I assume it would be $119 or $129 per year depending on the exchange rate.

I believe in the US the Jaws Home SMA is $120 so just as with the $165 Canadian this works out to $60 a year with an SMA giving you 2 major updates so basically updates for 2 years.

But I also heard the cost for the SMA is supposed to go up, if and when and by how much I don't know, but I assume Vispero may like the subscription approach which means regular income even though it also means no more expensive one-time purchase costs for somebody who buys Jaws for the first time. Yes, for somebody who had Jaws for a long time it's currently cheaper to buy the SMA, but still paying $90 a year ($7.50 a month) in the US or $120 a year ($10 a month) here in Canada really is still a pretty affordable way to own Jaws. I always had a bit of a hard time understanding the complaints people had about Jaws being so horribly expensive to maintain, but currently in the US we are talking $5 a month if you break down the $120 SMA cost over 24 months and even people who are on some sort of income assistance and so on often spend more than that on less important things each month. At $165 this works out to $6.875 a month in Canadian Dollars which is about the price of an expensive cup of coffee, a couple of bags of Doridos, a few candy bars and on goes the list of all the little items many of us buy on a regular bases but don't really need.


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Yes, it is, plus, if, for some reason, you are unable to pay for the SMA at the end of the two years, your JAWS won't go back into 40-minute mode, the way it would if you were unable to pay the $90 subscription.


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Now, is that the home edition?  I scaled down to home and it cost me $165 Canadian.  Because I am registered with the Canadian National institute for the blind (CNIB) it made me tax exempt. Thus no taxes on the SMA. Now with all this subscription talk, it seems at $90 per year, it is cheaper to pay for 2 years of SMA at $165 rather then $180.    


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Last year I had Fusion, ZT and JAWS, I became totally blind so no longer needed Fusion and ZT so FS reduced my SMA to just JAWS for $150., well actually $120 because I purchased it during convention.

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Just wanted to update with my experience:

I called Freedom Scientific because the SMA page kept on resulting in an error for me when I entered my serial number. I got connected to a representative fairly quickly and she explained that since I had Fusion that it would cost me $270 for two more years of updates (for ZoomText, Fusion and JAWS). I just wanted to report this for anyone else who may be interested in how much it would cost others in my situation.

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