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Dave Durber

I have 2 PC computers with Biostar motherboards and AMD CPU(s), which I purchased and installed in 2010; A system with an Asus motherboard and AMD CPU, which I got in 2013; and an HP DV6 laptop, which I got in 2012; and my wife has a DELL PC system, which she got in 2013. With all 5 systems, I have know idea how long those components for the desktop systems and the laptop had been on the market before they were purchased  or installed.
In January of this year, I decided to install Windows 10, 19-09, on all 5 systems.  So far, Microsoft has updaded all 5 computers to the latest version of Windows 10.
I have a friend who purchased a new computer last January. It came with 19-09 installed. His machine has not been updated from 19-09 as yet.
There seems to be no logic as to how Microsoft's update utility and system works in deciding which systems should receive updates and when.

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On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 08:26 PM, Tom Behler wrote:
This Windows 10 computer is still back on Windows version 1909.
I still have one HP Envy laptop that has remained on Version 1909, and Windows Update is definitely not broken, as the 2020-12 cumulative update to version 1909 showed up for it either yesterday or today, I don't remember when I first saw it.

Two other HP laptops I have, including this one, went to 20H2 one month ago, tomorrow.  Feature Update roll outs are generally a months long affair and, in certain cases, this being one of them, a feature update may be skipped on a given machine.  I doubt that Envy will ever see Version 2004.

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