moderated Re: Please help--MS update question

tom x <ballistic719@...>


Using latest Jaws 21 and W10 Home 64 bit 20H2

Although MS had been sending 20H2 update messages to my 2 year old 1909 system for some months, each time an attemptwas made, the update failed. This was regardless of the many methods employed after reading numerous articles on the matter.

A tech also had problems updating my system until a partition was removed from the Samsung 256 GB solid state drive. i.e. The drive was changed from C and D to just C drive.

The fresh install then went ahead without a problem although I had previously successfully updated the system numerous timeswhen major Win 10 updates were released.

Maybe 20H2 does not tolerate a partitioned solid state drive or then again, it could be just my system.



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