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Thanks Philip,

I'm using windows 7 also, and actually did a system restore a couple times,
and it so happened that after the second time, my windows wouldn't start and
I had to have sighted help because for some reason it was prompting me to go
through the microsoft repair because it was saying that my windows couldn't
restart properly.

Omar Binno


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How interesting. I'm having a similar problem, except I am unable to read
emails from Ebay, John Lewis... Basically, anything written in a table. And
I'm using Office 2007 with Windows 7.

When a friend of mine had a exactly the same problem as you, he simply
performed a system restore to a day or so before the issue started and that
seemed to resolve the matter for him.


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I'm using Outlook 2003 to check my emails. For some reason, when I click on
a link that someone sends me, or a link that I cut and paste for someone
else, it won't open. I get no error messages either. The link just doesn't
open. Is there something in outlook that I need to change? If I get an email
from ebay or facebook, for example, with links present in them, I can click
on those links with no problem. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Omar Binno


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