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Richard Turner

I’m not sure about the sorting with Outlook, but if you press control+3 to open the Contacts tab, then press alt+f

The first item is likely Open and export, hit enter.

Arrow down a couple of times to import/Export and hit enter.

Arrow up to Export to a file and hit enter.

It defaults to a comma delimited csv file, tab to next and follow the prompts.

Once you get it exported as a contacts.csv file, you can open it in Excel and sort on any column you like.

From there, hopefully someone else can help further.





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If possible, I need help with outlook 365.

I am using the latest version and JAWS 2021.

What is the best way to export my contacts, as a .csv and to sort them in order using outlook 365?

Thanks for anyone’s help.

Please can you tell me how to do it with JAWS 2021.



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