moderated An interesting anomaly with screenreading software and Norton

Arkadiusz Świętnicki <nuno69a@...>

I have installed Norton 360 on my old computer, just for the fun of
breaking the system. I found out that the software reads with JAWS, but
there is no way to interact with the controls! Pressing enter, trying to
click with the JAWS cursor or using the Touch cursor have no effect.
With Zhengdu, which is my main screenreader now I have a completely
different problem.
The Norton software is not read at all, but when I blindly press TAB and
ENTER, I seem to open various windows and interfaces. I have read on
their support site that I can use
icacls jfw.exe /setintegritylevel M
command to make the software accessible, but even though the permissions
got set, the problem still persists. Is there anything I can do to it?

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