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tina sohl

Thannks Bill. We appreciate it.

On 12/9/20, Bill White <> wrote:
Hi, Tony.As Brian just wrote, you don't actually get rid of the ribbons.
Instead, you change them into something that approaches the feel of a
classic menu. To do this,

1. Open Word.
2. Press JAWS key plus V to enter Quick Settings.
3. In the search box which appears, type virtual
4. Arrow down, and if you see something like,

Virtual Ribbon Menu not checked

5. Check this box with the Space Bar.
6. TAB to the OK button, and press Space or ENTER.

Now, the ribbons will appear different, and according to some people's
thinking, will be easier to use, although I don't personally think this to
be true.

Bill White

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Hi how do you get rid of the ribbons if you don't want them? Is this in

Thanks for all the help you have given us.

One thing we sent out a christmas newsletter that we do every year and
my father in law just got his copy and he told me it rtained the
formatting structure.

Is that new?

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