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There are lots of help topics and resources on the Microsoft site. Also, you can save to locations other than "One Drive" by using the "Save as" option in the file menu. The program is very functional with JAWS and like all software has some glitches and hiccups at times.


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Hi. We just subscribed to office 365 over the weekend and have a month to try it and see if we like it. One thing i did was turn on the option to autosave to one drive, but how do you turn that off if you want to and can anyone give us any other tips to get going with it or are there training tips on the website for jaws. thanks in advance.

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All the assistive Tech instructors I worked with turned off the
virtual ribbons, or rather, did not turn them on because it is best
to learn to use them like everyone else.
I'm glad to hear that this philosophy is shared widely. It is always
best to know how to actually interact with any given operating system
or piece of application software using its native interface. And
unless you believe the only computer you'll ever use is your own, it
makes jumping on to another so much easier when you already know how
without using unnecessary intermediary software.

Using Ribbons to Control Program Functions in Microsoft Windows - G.
Asner (
Using the Ribbon Interface in Windows via the Keyboard (

The ribbons are menus, they simply have a slightly different traversal
interface. Once you know how to traverse them . . .

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