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Hi, Mario. Turning on or off any option in reputation-based protection is
strictly a personal matter, and as I told Stan, I turned off all options in
this category, because I don't go to any dangerous sites, and I don't want
Windows or my browser to prevent me from downloading files. After I download
them, I can use the Context Menu to have Windows Security scan the file
before I install it.

Bill White

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Bill, I have been upgraded to 20H2 but haven't been asked to enable
reputation based protection, but I'd be interested to know what should
be turned on or off in case I might be eventually asked in the near future.

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Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 10:37 AM
Subject: reputation-based protection
Hi, Stan. I don't think turning on reputation-based protection has
caused any conflicts with JAWS 2021 for me. The reason I left
reputation-based protection turned off is that I didn't need my
antivirus and my browser telling me about supposed threats, and causing
me not to be able to download files which I know to be harmless. I can
get along with only my antivirus telling me about supposed threats. Once
I get the file, I can scan that one file with Windows Security, and make
sure it isn't a threat.

I will write you privately, in case you would like me to tandem into
your computer, and talk over with you what you want to be left turned
on, and what you want turned off. I will also give my phone number,
since that will facilitate talking with you as I work with your computer.

Bill White


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*Subject:* reputation-based protection

                Good morning List: Since upgrading to Windows version
20H2 I have various problems in windows and jaws version 2021.

Soon after upgrade to 20H2, Windows Security notified me that they
wanted ne to turn on reputation-based protection which I did. I am
wondering if this might have created conflict with Jaws 2021.

Any thoughts on this?


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