moderated Word 365 and JAWS 2021: When Navigating Character by Character JAWS Sometimes Says "Blank" Instead of Reading The Correct Character

David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...>

This problem has not occurred for me in years and I'm a bit baffled by it.
Running Windows 10, version 2004, on a Dell OptiPlex 740, with Word 365 and JAWS 2021.
When I navigate across text with left arrow or right arrow JAWS will sometimes say "blank" instead of what is under the cursor. The problem is intermittent but it occurs often enough that I can usually make it happen. I just noticed it this evening and I know it never occurred with JAWS 2020. I don't remember if I've done a lot of cursor navigation using Word and JAWS 2021 but I imagine that I must have done so. I'm not sure if this is due to a problematic Word update. I've unloaded and restarted JAWS but this did not fix the problem. Enhanced editor support is enabled in Settings Center using the Word configuration. Of course, I can repair/reinstall Word, JAWS or both but I'd rather see if another fix is available before doing this.

David Goldfield,
Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist
JAWS Certified, 2019

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