moderated Re: Changed Outlook Contacts Behavior

Gary Ray

Gary Ray here.


I am experiencing the same changed behavior.


It is terrible.




From: <> On Behalf Of Tom Behler
Sent: Sunday, December 6, 2020 5:18 PM
To: jfw list <>
Subject: Changed Outlook Contacts Behavior


Hello, everyone.


Today, I just noticed that the behavior of my Outlook contacts list has changed.


As of a few days ago, I was able to hit enter on a contact, and get relevant information such as  that contact’s e-mail address by simply tabbing over to the e-mail address field.  Now, I have to go to something called the SMT address page to get this information.


In addition, I recently was very happy that the issue of easily navigating the list of members in an e-mail group via the arrow keys had been resolved, but now, it appears that this navigation is no longer possible once again.


Perhaps an update of some kind has changed things.


I’d like to know if others now experience these issues, and if there are any immediate solutions or work-arounds.


I’m currently using the latest build of Jaws 2021 on this Windows 10 PC, along with Outlook in Microsoft 365.


Tom Behler





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