Re: OCR programs and JAWS

Charles Krugman

I also find that many times I am asked to rescan documents that were handed out without an original usinc Kurzweil and saving it in Word format for my colleagues that don't have access to OCR software.

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Chuck, you are so right! Either they are not scanned well, or they are still in image form and have to be processed by something like open book or k1000 to be readable by us. We had a visually impaired exchange student here with us for the last school year, and they sent her books in ocr form, basically pictures, which could not be read by her using either her speech or her braille display. ONce I processed them with open book, they were readable but the format was horrible. We finally had to get some of them in hard copy and she used a cctv to read them. Crazy! Faith
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