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On Sat, Dec 5, 2020 at 11:24 PM, Rick Miller wrote:
I am getting an alert saying that Edge is not synced.  What does that mean?
Edge, like most modern web browsers, can synchronize your settings (among other things like browsing history, etc.) to the cloud (in this case associated with your Microsoft Account).

Sync functions require you to go through the process of logging in to the sync account associated with the given browser.  In the case of MS-Edge, you can hit ALT to throw focus to its menu button, then hit left arrow to get to the Not Syncing button, expand it, and down arrow to the Turn on sync button, which will walk you through setting up the synchronization to the cloud.  The use of the Sync function is entirely optional.  I don't happen to use it with Edge myself, though I do with Chrome and Firefox.

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