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Rick Miller

Dear Brian:


You have been more helpful to me than words can express—and in more ways than one.  You finally gave me the tips for Google Calendar I needed, and now you have helped me with Microsoft Edge.  No, I had not read the tutorial.  Silly me!


I have one more question that I am not sure of.  What does it mean to sync?  I am getting an alert saying that Edge is not synced.  What does that mean?




Rick Miller


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           Did you even bother to read the tutorial I offered earlier?  It certainly appears not.

           What you are calling a home page (and, admittedly, was once called a home page) has not been called such in Chromium browsers (including Chrome) for a very long time now.  It's your startup page (or collection of pages), set in the On Startup tab.  All of this is explained, in great detail, in what I previously offered, and give the direct link to again here: 

            Your question was answered.

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