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Debby Hill

Hi Mark,

There might be another way to do what you want, but the first thing that comes to mind is to use JAWS speech history. To do that hold down the JWS key and then press the spacebar. Release both keys. Press the letter h. You will be able to see the last bunch of--I think it is 50--utterances that JAWS has made. I am pretty sure it includes everything including the tutor messages.

When you are done, press escape, and you will go back to where you were.

I hope that helps!

Happy holidays! Take care and stay safe!


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hmm... I think there might be a keystroke to repeat the just the tutor message but not sure what it might be. as for the other things you want repeated, I don't know. maybe someone else might know. sorry for not being of much help.

not sure
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Subject: Repeat that, please?
Not quite. Is there a way to get JAWS to just repeat the content type, content state, content attributes, label, or the instructions? The purpose would be to support close study and familiarization with an interface element.

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