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Hi Panagiotis, hope you are well. Judging from your name you are Greek. Do you use jaws with the Greek language? And if so does it work well? I tried many many years ago to get a Greek version of jaws and was unsuccessful. I tried to make jaws work by downloading a Greek voice but it did not work. Again this was many years ago I eventually gave up
Of course I found a workaround and that’s the iPhone, the Mac, and also the Greek voice works with an VDA
It would be nice to have jaws work with the Greek voice that’s why am asking if anything has changed.
Regards Zoe

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Hi all,

I usually simply copy/paste the .jpg file at the end of the document and a line above my name. I have had no problems so far.

                              Take care,



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           Use Insert Picture, from this device.  ALT+N,P,D

            You are going to have to have someone who can see to position the signature afterward, and also to reset the wrapping for text around it to text through picture.

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