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David Diamond

Alternatively, if you have a job and can prove you need JAWS and, without it you are in danger of loosing your job, The province may have a government program to help as they do in the Province of B C(Work BC) Earlier there were programs for such a thing available. You just had to prove a need, not a want.

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Subject: Re: upgrading Jaws

Hi Maddison. You can get a sma that will give you 3 upgrades and I think that
the price is around 100 or 200 canadion you could buy from fs but you would
have to convert that to usd. From Mich.

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Subject: upgrading Jaws

Hi all,
For anyone who lives in Canada, I'm hoping you can help me. My current
licience is good until version 2018, can I just update my licience, or will I have
to buy a whole new licience and copy of Jaws? Can I buy from Freedom
Scientific, or do I have to buy from a Canadian dealer? I really hope someone
can help me, as I've never done this before. Thanks Madison

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