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Rick Mladek

Simply wondering what TTS software is able to be used in devices other than windows or apple type computers or products as you have mentioned...



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Subject: Re: JAWS and uses other than with a PC/Computer


Jaws is not currently used in any hand-held devices I know of.

Iphones use VoiceOver, Android devices use Talkback or Voice Assistant.


I know some stores use Android based devices for tracking their inventory that can have the Voice Assistant or Talkback enabled.

Some did use iPod Touches for this so VoiceOver was used.


Are there specific devices you are asking about?





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Subject: JAWS and uses other than with a PC/Computer


Hello all,


A quick question. Is JAWS able to be used with devices other than windows based computers? Do they embed this software into hand-held devices?


If not, I hope I’m not out of context and pardon if so. What TTS software is embedded into electronical hand held devices or capable of being?


Thanks all,




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