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If you mean a scanned copy of your actual signature, yes, it's possible.

It's not the simplest thing in the world to do, at least if you want that signature positioned such that it looks like you've "signed on the dotted or solid line."  If the document into which it is to be inserted has any sort of a colored background then you also need to be certain that the image file that has the signature in it has been processed such that the background has been changed to transparent, and the only opaque part is the signature itself.

If the document in question is something you'll be using over and over again, I'd strongly suggest creating a MS-Word document template with the signature already inserted in the template.  The signature will preferably reside on its own page if you expect that the actual data in the document could change such that the dotted-solid line on which the signature is positioned might be bumped as the data expands.

It is far easier to get sighted assistance when the time comes to actually insert the image of the signature in to the document.  There is really no way to adjust it as necessary, both as far as size and position in the document go, without being able to see it.

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