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And if you are in the United States d don't forget that for I think $90 a year, $7.50/month, you can subscribe to Jaws which will always give you access to the latest version.
Also, I think she was not talking about email but about the Edge browser.
You can disable Edge remembering stuff like that by going to Settings in Edge, Alt + F followed by S, make sure the "Profiles" category is selected which should be the default when you open Settings, then activate the various buttons like passwors, payment info, addresses and more and look through the options and turn off what you don't want Edge to remember.

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I wonder if this happens after you've been working with JAWS for a while. Ever since installing JAWS 2021, I've experienced problems like this, which I didn't with JAWS 2020. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you're using 2018. My solution has been to safe the draft of the email, assuming I've started it, and then to close and reopen JAWS. Obviously, a workaround, but perhaps you could try and see if it does the job until you're able to upgrade.

As you clearly realize, you'd be advised to upgrade your JAWS when you can afford to.

Note that Edge isn't an email program; it's a browser. Can you tell which email program you're actually using?

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Hi all,
I don't know if there's any way to fix these issues (other then upgrading which isn't happening right now), but I really hope there is. Anyway, when I type in an edit field (or whatever they called) in Edge I can't go back and read what I've written and if I erase a character Jaws just says blank so I don't know what I've erased. Also after I've input my email in a site it saves it, and even when I try and type a new email it just fills in the box with my email so when I type a new email address it sticks my email in there. So, are there any settings within either Edge or Jaws that I can change to fix any of these problems? If there's a setting that can be changed so that Edge never saves my email and I have to type in my email address everytime I log in or do anything on any site, I don't care, it's a small price to pay. I'm using Jaws 2018, the latest Edge, and Windows 10 version 1909. I really hope that there's something I can do to fix these issues, as they're driving me crazy. Look forward to any help/suggestions anyone can provide me!! Thanks Madison

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