moderated A weird behavior with radio buttons in Edge with JAWS 2020 on a site.

Kevin Minor



I’ve never encountered what I’ll describe. I went to a site to take a test for a potential job. It was multiple choice, and you selected the answer from a set of four radio buttons. Usually, all I’d do was hit ENTER when I had focus on the radio button I wanted, and it’s selected. Not with this site. I’d hit ENTER, forms mode was active, then I’d have to arrow to another choice and back to make it stick. I’d like to know why I had to do so? I’m using JAWS 2020 and the latest Windows 10 20H2. I’m not sure about Edge, because I don’t know if it auto updates.


Thanks in advance for any ideas. It’s not a big deal, but I am curious.


Kevin Minor and Jilly

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