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Milton Ota

Sorry to say, it sounds like you need to update your windows 10 and JAWS as
you probably have incompatibility issues.

Without the updates you may have to live with the problem.

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Subject: Edge and Jaws question

Hi all,
I don't know if there's any way to fix these issues (other then upgrading
which isn't happening right now), but I really hope there is. Anyway, when I
type in an edit field (or whatever they called) in Edge I can't go back and
read what I've written and if I erase a character Jaws just says blank so I
don't know what I've erased. Also after I've input my email in a site it
saves it, and even when I try and type a new email it just fills in the box
with my email so when I type a new email address it sticks my email in
there. So, are there any settings within either Edge or Jaws that I can
change to fix any of these problems? If there's a setting that can be
changed so that Edge never saves my email and I have to type in my email
address everytime I log in or do anything on any site, I don't care, it's a
small price to pay. I'm using Jaws 2018, the latest Edge, and Windows 10
version 1909. I really hope that there's something I can do to fix these
issues, as they're driving me crazy. Look forward to any help/suggestions
anyone can provide me!! Thanks

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