moderated Looking for text with Bold or Italics


hi all,

a friend of mine is having a hard time trying to look through text with bold, italics and a specific colour.

She's using Office 2013 and JAWS 2020.

I thought that using CONTROL+f, going to advanced, and selecting "format, character" then the desired attributes would work, but for some reason it only works if she invokes the dialogue over and over. At that point, JAWS won't report the next occurrence with the selected formatting. Is there a way to jump from attributed text to attributed text without having to constantly go to the dialogue and select next each time?

Also, it would be helpful if JAWS reported the next occurrence. I thought that pressing F3 might do the trick, but for some reason it does not work.

If we use the attributes scheme, that does not help much, since she does not need to read the whole text.

It's for a proofreading job in Braille, where the text is present as a hardcopy and needs to be compared against the digital version. The original book has some highlighting that needs to match once the Braille version has been proofread.

Any help would be appreciated.



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