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David Diamond

How many posts does one get on the list mentioned below?  Not a exact #, just a ball park figure.  I was on a NVDA list, and the posts 98% of the time were so petulant, I left it.  Petulant, meaning arguing over minor things and expecting software to be perfect.  How can it be when imperfect people design it. A circle is just a circle and no amount of wining will change that.   


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Another NVDA list




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You can get all you need at: | Home

The subscription address and posting addrsses are all on that page.





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Hi guys:


I apologize, but I have to ask this on this list;


If I recall,

There used to be a n v d a discussion paralleling this one;

Does anyone remember what the address for it is?

I have a n v d a question which I probably am not allowed to ask here;



Please advise as you like.


Mike M.


Mike mcglashon

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