Moderated Re: windows narrator, hyper v and windows server issues for a blind student

HH. Smith Jr.

Hi Marvin,


When I setup Microsoft server 2016 on my desktop using VMware pro, it was a beast doing it without sight. However, after I got passed the install with sighted help, I had narrator set to come on upon start up of the server. I also went ahead and paid for the remote license for JAWS and had that also come on at start -up with a distinctly different voice; so, I could distinguish which OS running. I haven’t had any issues since.  


From: <> On Behalf Of Marvin Hunkin
Sent: Wednesday, December 2, 2020 5:32 AM
Subject: windows narrator, hyper v and windows server issues for a blind student


Hi. Have two issues using hyper v with narrator.

When creating a vm, and then installing windows server 2019. Have not tried it with 2016. Narrator does not turn on, just hear caps lock on and off. And nvda does not turn on either. Also tried the audio end point builder and audio srv inside a vm, in windows server. Does not come on. Wish there was a way for narrator to detect if the client talk back to the server. Did try vm ware player, able to use the windows 10 talking installer. Did read the install screens for windows server 2019 essentials. But when it rebooted, no speech, and just the vm ware window. So no good. And virtual box kept chrashing when I tried to use it. So hyper v is built into windows 10 pro which I have. So for the most part it is accessible with jaws, nvda. So, any one got any scripts, work arounds, or how they get around it. Having to wait for sighted people to remote in to my machine, and then having to do this. Would like to set it up without sighted help. Microsoft has a gap in this space. Did give feedback on the user voice and also feeback hub if Microsoft reads my feedback. Unless you can direct me where I could contact the narrator accessibility team and also the windows server accessibility. Frustrated. Got 3 weeks to do two last practical assignments. And stressing out. Then every oen goes on vacation for a few weeks. Got till January  9 to complete my current course.

If any one has had issues, being totally blind, how did they get speech, under hyper v virtual machine. Don’t have access to a dedicated server. Remote connection manager, worked some times and connected, then would not do that. So just used the hyper v connection I had. And then when getting out of one of my vms, if I do a shutdown, does not go back to the host, totally chrashes my speech. If I disconnect, still get speech which is weird.

Any ideas.

Just frustrated

Able to use nvda as don’t have a jaws remote licence, going to purchase a jaws remote licence in 2021. Will beenrolling in the diploma of networking from Only blind student there online..



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