moderated Re: Asking a edge with jaws question.


The first thing I heard Jaws saying when I opened the link for the bank was this:

Press Alt+1 for screen-reader mode. Stop this message with Alt+0.

I recently came across another website where I got this message which, by the way, repeats every few seconds. There is also a link for an accessibility statement which is very detailed and comprehensive.

As for the Submit button I can also confirm it's there for me using Edge, I can tab to it or hear/navigate to it using tab or the button quick nav key. Interestingly enough, when you activate this so-called accessible mode, the Login link which is a link on the regular website becomes a button you can find with the button quick nav key, but in this mode pressing enter or spacebar on it did nothing, e.g. I did not get any user name or password field and I even tried clicking on it with the left mouse button with no effect. After going out of screenreader mode with Alt + 0 login became a link again and pressing enter on it made the user Id and password fields show ut. Below is Jaws speech history:I could

Type in text.
PASSWORD password edit 
Type in text.
Submit Button

Link Forgot Password? Link Enroll Now

When I press Alt + 1, Jaws says the following:
Screen-reader mode is on, alt+0 to cancel

Accessibility Help & Statement - that is a link where you can read their accessibility information and an email is given for questions.

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