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David Griffith


This is the one I use which seems to work with Jarte though I have not checked it is the latest.


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I’ve probably exhausted this thread, but how do you get the added office package?


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Subject: JfW and Jarte Again


In view of the problem someone  experienced, as an experiment  I  went onto another machine without Jarte.

I too found the enable screenreader copied to clipboard instruction did not work.

However the following did.

  1. Install Jarte
  2. Close Jaws and start NVDA
  3. Start Jarte, Jarte will announce screen reader mode.
  4. Close NVDA and start Jaws. Restart Jarte and it sticks in screenreader mode for Jaws  also now.
  5. .Now finally  with Jarte in focus use Jaws F2 and find settings centre for Jarte and create the profile. Type edit in the search box and then tab down to uncheck enhanced edit mode.
  6. The only other thing I  think is to install the office Add in pack to improve Jarte compliance with Office Documents.


This all seems to work nicely to get a free Jaws accessible Word Processor for now.


David G.

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