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David Griffith

I have never used Google Docs precisely because of this problem but apparently checking on Google last week there are instructions for using Google docs offline. As far as I can see though this is certainly not the default and ironically you need to be online to make this setting change. So I imagine that if, for example, your Wi-Fi suddenly goes down you may indeed be locked out of all your documents.

Someone  who actually uses Google Docs may be able to comment definitely  on this though.

David G.


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From: Jasmine Kotsay
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Subject: Re: Free word processors


Hi, Ann,

This was such a great question. I know someone who needs a different wordprocessor until they can get MS Word again.

Someone suggested Google Docs. A month or two ago, I would not have recommended it. However, this was because I never had any luck with it. I was wondering, what if someone is not always near a WI-FI connection, will Google Docs still work, or would another program work better? I'm just curious.





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Subject: Free word processors


                Hi everyone,


With all the latest talk about Jarte, and how it may be going away eventually due to lack of development, I was wondering what other free word processors work well with Jaws? How about Open Office or Libre Office?


Any other suggestions?














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