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Hi Ron, I can't remember if you are in Canada or the US, just curious which bank this is if you are in Canada.
I used to be a Scotia Bank customer here in Canada and recently switched to RBC Royal Bank, but I also have an account at our local Credit Union and I have a Visa from CIBC and a Mastercard from BMO Bank of Montreal. I have never dealt with TD, but personally my wife and I briefly had set up accounts at an online bank affiliated with Scotia called Tangerine and I have not ever come across a bank website here in Canada which wasn't basically fully accessible. There is maybe the odd button or link here and there which may read a bit funny, but still you can typically tell what it is, e.g. with Scotia in certain situations the Cancel or Continue buttons for particular transactions read soe HTML code, but at the end also said Cancel or Continue, but that's about the extrend of problems I have had. The same applies to the iOs apps of all these institutions, all very accessible and easy to use.

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Just wanted to say thanks to you Bill.
It didn't fix the issue with my bank's web site.
But at least you taught this long time pc user a new trick.
But the good news is that I'm working with my bank to try and figure out why with two different web browsers and three different screen readers, JAWS NVDA and Narrator, why I can't log into my account.
I can do it out on ie 11, but the bank like most company's these days are no longer using IE 11.
It's funny, when I click on the logon or in button, then tab over once I see the submit button, which is what I should be seeing within both edge and Google Chrome.
But for some reason the submit button isn't popping up for me to click on it.
But since the bank isn't working with IE 11, when I click on the submit button I get the sorry charley, IE 11 won't work with the bank's web site.
So, many thanks for trying to help me out.
Ron who can earn a license to use a radio, but for some weird reason can't earn a license to drive a car or fly a airplane.
Go, figure. SMILES.

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Hi, Richard. If you read my message, I said Hi, Ron, not Hi, Richard. The message was sent to the JAWS list, not to you, personally.

Bill White

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Thanks Bill,
I did not ask the question but that works great.
Most everything is checked by default, so you have to uncheck those things you do not want to delete, but it shows the level of control you have on what things you want deleted, which is very nice.

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Hi, Ron. The cookies will be under History.

1. Open Edge.
2. Press CONTROL plus SHIFT plus DELETE.
3. Choose what you want to clear from the check boxes.
4. TAB to the Clear Now button and press ENTER.

This should clear all cookies and site data, not including user names and passwords, unless you also checked this before deleting.

Bill White

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Subject: Asking a edge with jaws question.

Hello to my fellow jaws 2021 subscribers.
In short with edge, how do I clear my cash and cookies?
For some weird reason I cannot access my bank account with edtge.
I can find the log in button.
But I then should be able to tab over juse once and see the submit button.
I can do this within IE 11, which is no longer supported.
But I can not do it within edge and also not within google crome as well.
The bank's address is as follows:;data=04%7C01%7C%7Cf9f3e0978f2a46390a2f08d8954f1836%7C84df9e7f
But I'm not fullish enough to give my log in info. SMILES.
Any and all help to clear cash and cookies via edge and jaws will bee deeply appreciated.
Very Thankfully Yours,
Ron Kolesar

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