moderated Re: Best Websites for Job applications that are accessible with Jaws

Glenn / Lenny

Hi Laura,
Although the site can be overwhelming, because of all its content, you
should use your state's workforce page.
You can upload your resume and they have jobs for your area, many of which
you can apply for the job through their site.
You can also set up a daily eMail with jobs in your area.
You do a search on their site for a job, and set the search criteria, I set
my criteria by zip code only, so I get all jobs in my area, because I would
do most jobs if it doesn't require driving or reading stuff like handwriting
and the like.
You will of course need to create an account on their site.
Other than that, be sure to try different browsers if a site seems to not
work with your screenreader, I learned to do alt + D and then copy with
control + C which copies the link of the site, and then open a different
browser and do control + L and paste with control + V, and press enter.


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Hi All,
I was wondering if someone could point me in the right dirrection. I
was wondering what Job Search Websites are the best as far as filling
out applications and Finding Jobs in my local Area?
Laura Shumate

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