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Richard Turner

'and, which one loads when the computer boots up?


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On Nov 30, 2020, at 5:48 AM, Shirley Tracy <shirleytracy16@...> wrote:

I never thought of that. Thank you. I’ll have to remove the one for 2020. It’s the same one I have for 2021.


Tks again.





Shirley Tracy


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Subject: Re: Where'd I go wrong with JAWS 2021?



Might you be using a hotkey that is associated with Jaws2020?




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Subject: Where'd I go wrong with JAWS 2021?


Hi Everyone,


I downloaded JAWS 2021 from the link on the website several days ago. It’s on my desktop. And I thought it was working fine. Suddenly, I just happened to see that I’m running 2020 and not 2021. And when I click on 2021, it simply throws me back into 2020. Where’d I go wrong? How to fix?







Shirley Tracy



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