moderated Re: Markdown editor with Jaws?


Hi Jason,

After poking around a bit, I think I will just pay for the writage. It is so much simpler than any other options I've found so far, runs pretty much invisibly inside of word, etc. So it's probably worth the one time purchase cost.

Thanks for your suggestion, though. I appreciate it.


On 11/28/2020 6:27 PM, Jason White via wrote:
You could use a text editor such as notepad++, then run Pandoc (see its home page <>) to convert Markdown files to HTML, PDF, DOCX, and so on. A Windows installer can be downloaded from the above Web site.
On 11/28/20 4:49 PM, ann wrote:
Hi folks,

I'm just learning to write Markdown. I wish I had learned this ages ago. It's amazing, and can even be written on my Orbit 20 Plus braille display, as long as I remember to choose Computer braille.

Does anyone know of a good, preferably free or cheap, Markdown editor that works well with Jaws? Basically, I'd love something that can import a .md file and save it either as .docx, .rtf or even as .html. I love the Writage plug in for Word that will import .md files directly into Word, but it only offers a free trial now.


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