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Hi, Don. This is just another instance of the dreaded JAWS Lost Focus problem that has plagued us for a long time, and just keeps getting worse. If you want to at least know what is going on,

1. Start the JAWS Basic Options.
2. Press JAWS key plus V to go into Quick Settings.
3. Either type the word focus into the search box, or
4. Go down to General Options, and check the Focus Loss option.

Bill White

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Subject: returning to desktop

I am running Jaws 2021 on a win 10 20h2 system. An example of what I am
seeing is if you go to jaws settings options and go to basic settings
when you are finished and hit enter on ok you must still hit windows key
m to get back to the desktop otherwise you are in some state of limbo.
Why do you not return to the desktop without using windows key m in
these such cases. It happens in other areas when using the settings

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