moderated Jaws2020 Dropbox Public folder with copyingpublic links

O.Addison Gethers

Hi All  I have jaws2020  desktop computer window10 and have dropbox !! I have dropbox  foldername public  where I have some zip folder withmicrosoft outlook 2007 word document  where I have it highlight then I press the application key to arrow down it’s say share  arrow down again it sayextracts all  and etc  but I don’t hear it’s say share public links where I can press enter on it to get the public links to press ctrl+ c to copy clipboard  so I can send the public links to a friend email !! Does Dropbox  still use public links or not ? If not then How can I the zip folder oof the file to my friend to extracts the file on her laptop ?

If I’m not mistaken Is it copying public links dropbox  or copying dropbox links? Does anyone know how I can share the zip folder in dropbox to get the links with dropbox to send a friend ?



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