moderated Re: Markdown editor with Jaws?

Jason White

You could use a text editor such as notepad++, then run Pandoc (see its home page) to convert Markdown files to HTML, PDF, DOCX, and so on. A Windows installer can be downloaded from the above Web site.

On 11/28/20 4:49 PM, ann wrote:
Hi folks,

I'm just learning to write Markdown. I wish I had learned this ages ago. It's amazing, and can even be written on my Orbit 20 Plus braille display, as long as I remember to choose Computer braille.

Does anyone know of a good, preferably free or cheap, Markdown editor that works well with Jaws? Basically, I'd love something that can import a .md file and save it either as .docx, .rtf or even as .html. I love the Writage plug in for Word that will import .md files directly into Word, but it only offers a free trial now.


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