moderated Windows Mail and Enhanced Edit

David Griffith

Ever since I have installed Jaws 2021 I had an annoyance that unlike Jaws2020 it was impossible to edit and read text properly when constructing an email in Windows Mail.

Following the discussion on this list re Thunderbird I decided to check the enhanced edit settings for Mail to see if that was possibly the issue.

When I looked enhanced edit was turned off.

I checked this and magically Jaws 2021 is now able to read and edit mail whilst I am typing it again. I am typing this with Jaws2021. As I have made no changes or imported any settings for Jaws2021 I am a bit mystified as to why this is not the default.

This is very confusing as I have the opposite setting, I think for Jaws2020 and that was working fine without enhanced edit support though I will check again later.

Still if anybody else has problems with Mail it is worth checking enhanced edit support and toggling it from whatever it is.

So turn if off for Jarte and turn it on for Mail is what I have learnt in the last 48 hours.


David G.



Sent from Mail for Windows 10


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