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JM Casey

Both Libre and Open Office are certainly worth having around. Open office project doesn't seem to be doing too well, development wise, but probably still better than jarte. The writer (word processor) at least works well enough with jFW. Libre office is more of a going concern and I would probably opt for that, though my last experience shows that it works better with nVDA at least than older versions of jAWS (like 2018). However, thought I saw something about libre in a recent Jaws what's new, so maybe some work has been done on FS's end. Libre is also updating very regularly, and it's easy to find loads of keyboard commands online for everything. It can also work with more recent MS Word files.

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Hi everyone,

With all the latest talk about Jarte, and how it may be going away eventually due to lack of development, I was wondering what other free word processors work well with Jaws? How about Open Office or Libre Office?

Any other suggestions?


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