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I didn't followed the thread about Jarte, but as a piece of advice,  if
you're going to use a word processor  on  a regular basis, let's say
college, I won't recommend  any free word processor, I plunged myself
into searching for an acceptable piece of software, but in the end, I
ended up resorting to MS Word. Of course, this really depends on the
user's needs and expectations. Every once in a while and to do the
shopping list, wordpad is a good alternative.


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On 11/28/2020 4:59 AM, ann wrote:
    Hi everyone,

With all the latest talk about Jarte, and how it may be going away
eventually due to lack of development, I was wondering what other free
word processors work well with Jaws? How about Open Office or Libre

Any other suggestions?


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