Moderated Re: Jaws 2021 and thunderbvird 78.5.0

Chris Hill

Well, I'm running the same version here.  Try as I might, I cannot re-create your problem . If you haven't done so in a while, I'd suggest restarting your computer.  In windows, shutting down and turning the computer back on may not actually perform the function required, if you don't know whether "fast startup" is enabled, do a restart instead of a shutdown when you are having an issue.


On 11/27/2020 19:38, Don H wrote:
When typing a new email using thunderbird and jaws I can not review what I have typed by using the arrow keys as I normally can with other screen readers.  When I try to review what I have typed Jaws just says space. How do you review what you have typed when using jaws with thunderbird?

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