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Richard Turner

I was on the Openbook beta team, and since too many years ago to count, nothing has been said about Openbook even to the beta team.
It would be nice to get a definitive statement from Vispero about this, but I guess so long as they can still sell a $1000 OCR package to people, they will even though the only functionality I can find in it that isn't in other either mobile phone apps or the Jaws OCR is the ability to scan facing pages of a book and have them split into two pages automatically.

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I believe you might be correct. Other than a 2018 window dressing with a few languages added they seem to have abandoned the product. I find that
even mobile scanning on my phone has about as good OCR. I look for the
OCR component to become a full function of JAWS.


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FS has not updated Open book for many years and since OCR is built in to Jaws I don't think Open Book will ever be updated.
On 11/27/2020 11:36 AM, O.Addison Gethers wrote:
Hi All I have this Openbook 9.0 versionĀ  since 2010 ,Is there a new
verson of Openbook version ? If so ,where can I get it from?


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