moderated Re: What is a not well known but great JAWS commands

David Kingsbury

Hi all,


Actually, I have never used the JAWS skim read because it reads either the first full sentence of every paragraph or first full line. I want to read just enough of a paragraph to get a sense of it and then move on. That does not always require reading a full sentence or line. Just the first four or five words might be enough. And if speed is the objective, and it is with skim reading, I don’t need to hear any more than what I need to hear. So you can do this in a couple of very quick and easy ways. First, hold down Control and keep it held down. Then press down arrow just enough to hear what you want to hear at the beginning of a paragraph, then hit down arrow again, and so on.


Or you can put JAWS in Quick keys mode with Insert Z and then just press P to jump to the next paragraph, P again and so on. Much more efficient than JAWS skim read.



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