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Richard Turner

The key with Openbook is to adjust your settings as you want them and then save the settings.
I have my most often used settings that I saved over top of the factory settings, so when I start it up, it uses the modified default settings.
You can save as many settings configurations as you want, just give them different names.
If the FS person who helped you did not have you save those settings, then you need to recreate them, and then save the settings either over the default, or with a unique name that you then have to load each time you boot up...

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How does OCR exactly work? I too have open book 9.0 and it always reverts back to the factory setting, slower then molasis in January. Yes, I did contact Vispero and he got it to work properly. Only problem was as soon as I turned off the computer then booted it up again, I had the same problem. Thus will the OCR be able to read scanned bills or letters the way open book is supposed too?

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FS has not updated Open book for many years and since OCR is built in to Jaws I don't think Open Book will ever be updated.
On 11/27/2020 11:36 AM, O.Addison Gethers wrote:
> Hi All I have this Openbook 9.0 versionĀ  since 2010 ,Is there a new > verson of Openbook version ? If so ,where can I get it from?
> Addison

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