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Justin Williams

I haven' tused the ocr in JAWS for a while.

Is it as good as open book?

It wasn't a few years ago, so for me, open book worked better, but I guess
JAWS 2021 is great then?


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How does OCR exactly work? I too have open book 9.0 and it always reverts
back to the factory setting, slower then molasis in January. Yes, I did
contact Vispero and he got it to work properly. Only problem was as soon as
I turned off the computer then booted it up again, I had the same problem.
Thus will the OCR be able to read scanned bills or letters the way open book
is supposed too?

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FS has not updated Open book for many years and since OCR is built in to
Jaws I don't think Open Book will ever be updated.
On 11/27/2020 11:36 AM, O.Addison Gethers wrote:
> Hi All I have this Openbook 9.0 versionĀ  since 2010 ,Is there a new >
verson of Openbook version ? If so ,where can I get it from?
> Addison

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