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Jim Weiss

Shortly after pressing the power button Cortana will greet you with an audio introduction.  At that point in time Cortana will tell you how to enable Narrator (Control + Windows + Enter) and how to disable Cortana during setup.  My Dell provides all of the audio through the internal speakers.  Several years ago I had an Asus which required me to plug in headphones until the audio drivers were installed.
Jim Weiss

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When you can activate Narrator is sort of a guess, but not long after you press the power button, press the ctrl+windows key +enter. If it does not start up, wait a few minutes and try again. This is the toggle to turn Narrator off or on.
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Subject: need help with loading narrator on a new windows 10 laptop

Hello All-

I just got a new win 10 HP laptop.  It is still in the box, but I want to begin to set the thing up.  How and when can I start Narrator to help with this? 

Is the command n and then enter?


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