moderated Re: What is a not well known but great JAWS commands

David Goldfield

Leo, thanks so much for this tip as I also didn't know that this particular key opens the skim reading dialog. Once you have your rule set you can also press control-insert-down arrow to immediately begin skim reading. When Eric Damery first demonstrated the feature he had a great way to memorize the hotkey as he said to think of it as a controlled say all.

David Goldfield,
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On 11/27/2020 6:08 AM, Leo wrote:

hi, great topic, there are probably dozens of commands that are very useful, but we do not use them because we don't know them. Just right off the bat, I would put on the table the command for skim reading  document, it is mostly useful for long documents. The command is as follows:

jaws key plus control plus shift plus down arrow


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On 11/26/2020 6:59 PM, Mark wrote:
Just today I learned that if you turn JAWS help mode on with JAWS + 1  and then double tap a key command, you get a slightly different help description than if you press a key onces.  I had no idea about it.  Do you have any favourite but not well known JAWS commands? or commands that took you a long time to discover?

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